Fast, effective and beautiful motion design

Creating engaging, captivating motion graphics for brands of all kinds and sizes.

Xigen is a leading motion design studio. We produce high-end motion design, animation, computer graphics and visual effects for gaming, advertising and all kinds of brands.

Engaging your audience

Our in-house motion design department produces motion graphics for some of the largest, most prestigious brands in the world. We know exactly how to captivate and engage audiences in a way that’s proven to grow your brand and awareness of your products or services.

Beautiful visuals

There’s an art to staying on brand while making powerful, impactful videos. Our motion designers will apply their in-depth knowledge of design, typography, storytelling and visual effects to your video and take your brand to another dimension.

Moving messaging

Animating text is a great way to create moving messages that your audience will remember. Our team is highly skilled at combining clarity with impact.

Captivating cinemagraphs

More than a photograph but not as much of a commitment as a video, it’s not surprising cinemagraphs are becoming so popular. Our in-house team loves to create eye-catching cinemagraphs that add an extra sparkle to your website and social media campaigns.

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