Xigen were approached to create a rich media campaign and help promote Unicef’s latest awareness drive, #BreakTheirFast, during the holy month of Ramadan.

During Ramadan, all Muslims, who can afford it, are required to contribute a proportion of their wealth to those less fortunate. Unicef wanted to help make this process as simple as possible for those people who do this deed during the holy month.

The Iftar, one of the most significant parts of the day during Ramadan, is when people gather, normally at sunset, to break their fast together. Throughout Ramadan, it is rewarding to feed others; and according to sacred texts, feeding a fasting person, is even more rewarding.

We were visually tasked to conscientiously remind people of their participation in this giving and cultural occasion.

Building awareness

Our creative highlights that through donating to Unicef it is possible to help break the fast for thousands of less fortunate children around the world.

Social networking

We utilised the hashtag #BreakTheirFast to help promote the message through social networks. To showcase the amazing charitable work Unicef do around the globe, emotive images and video were used.

Increased donations

A subtle exercise, and by gaining attention in a delicate subject matter, resulted in increased donations during the religious month of Ramadan.