Models Own is a successful cosmetics brand supplying a range of beauty and make-up products in to well-known high street and online stores.

Our goal was to support Models Own in the continued development of their online bespoke e-commerce store. Providing reliable business level support, website improvement recommendations and execution for the growth of their global web store.

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System support and development on an existing bespoke platform. Built in PHP hosted on a Windows multi-server WAMP cloud stack.

Lack of codebase versioning and deployment processes. Understanding the bespoke platform in order to fix issues and provide feature recommendations and to develop the application in line with the existing bespoke code.


We migrated the existing PHP Application from a Windows Multi-server Stack to a Linux based single server LAMP stack. This increased website performance by over 300% and reduced web hosting costs by 50%. The migration to our Linux hosting environment not only improved speed and reduced costs, but also allow us to provide faster support and development with code versioning and advanced deployment process on an Application suited to Linux.


Our hosting provides 4x per day off-site continuous backups and with extensive server monitoring and logging we are able to better support the website going forward.