Epson UK wanted to showcase their presence at the BETT 2018 exhibition.

The goal was not only to advertise their attendance at the expo, but to display all their products that could be used in the classroom in the most advantageous and informative way possible, while at the same time keeping the page compact enough that it was

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Epson were going to have a high profile stand at the BETT 2018 exhibition.
They wanted to get the message out.

Our challenge was to create a page that displayed Epson’s product range from an educational perspective. All the products that were going to appear on the Epson stand at the exhibition needed to be included in as neat and efficient way as possible. With so many products to include on one page, we needed some serious creativity to highlight each product type and yet keep the page uncluttered and engaging.

Simple and stylish innovation

The page that was created was innovative, utilising available widgets in a new way to pack a large amount of information into a compact space. Each section expanding and collapsing smoothly and each made up of glorious, eye-catching colours that just draws a reader in. Fully responsive in design, it looked and functioned fabulously across all browsers and devices.