A new pop-up store was being opened by Epson

Xigen were asked to assist Epson with the setting up and launch of a new concept pop-up store in Covent Garden. The store was designed to showcase Epson’s new range of EcoTank printers as well as provide visitors with the opportunity to try the printers out. The store was also designed to act as a pop-up working space for bloggers, freelance writers and other remote workers who were able to use the printers in store as well, while they enjoyed the store’s facilities.

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The Challenge

The main challenge for us at Xigen was the need for a streamlined checkout process for this store to work efficiently. We were tasked with scoping, designing and developing this process that would allow everything to run through an iPad. It needed to be a modification of the current checkout process on the Epson website allowing for purchase in store with products being taken away or even delivered to the customers address.

EcoTank Pop-up store
EcoTank Pop-up store

“Xigen created a fantastic user experience in-store, enabling transactions to be completed quickly and effectively. The bespoke checkout solution worked perfectly, both for the customer buying in-store via the iPad and the Epson team managing the orders.”

Lucy Brackett
Marketing Services Manager


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Checkout enhancement

The existing web store checkout, that had been previously designed by Xigen, was modified to show additional in-store only options such as finance availability and delivery options. Customers were able to purchase in store and either have the printer delivered to their own address or walk away with their printer. All of the order information needed was collected smoothly and efficiently, allowing the Epson team to concentrate on managing the orders. Stock could be controlled across a number of different locations and users of the main online store were unaffected by the addition of these changes.

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The complete marketing solution

As well as creating the store process, Xigen were asked to design the in-store signage and videos as well as the email advertising campaign. We were able to use a unified approach with all of this that allowed us to use our talent and design skills fully. With so much of the setup to do, we were able to create a fantastic, cohesive user experience in-store and co-ordinate everything so that the launch ran smoothly and successfully.


This was a fantastic project to work on, stretching all members of the Studio team. Everyone worked very well together to create the fantastic experience that all the customers and users of the store enjoyed. The bright and airy location showed off our designs for Epson, and the overall shopping experience was simple and easy. The bespoke checkout solution worked perfectly, both for the customers buying via the iPad and the Epson team managing the orders. As a big part of the overall project, we delivered on ensuring a memorable and hugely successful pop-up shop launch.