Axis’ old website was both dated and inoperative, they approached us to urgently create a new website starting with page-by-page design concepts following through to build and content population.

Our goals were set out as follows:

  • Create a modern design that still retains existing brand styling
  • Ensure the site is user-centric and delivers a paramount user experience
  • Use a mobile first approach ensuring the site is responsive to encourage engagement amongst mobile users
  • Give consideration to Search Engine Optimisation throughout the design and development processes
  • Offer options for web hosting, SSL security certificates and ongoing support
  • Ensure that the above was completed within a rapid timescale to replace their existing website as quickly as possible

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Since the field is extremely technical we asked the client to provide the initial copy and images.

We reviewed this with our content team and where some parts were modified for readability or layout purposes, we ensured that the page was sanity checked and signed off before moving into development.

There were several logos and downloads to be included on some pages and so we needed to vary our presentation of these and document them as a guideline for future use.

Stronger presence

The new site strengthens Axis’ online presence, allowing them to outline their business approach in a clear and consistent fashion. We provided CMS training so they can edit content such as News and Careers, and upload authentic images themselves moving forward.

axis responsive design
axis - responsive design
axis - responsive design