Arran Isle is a market leading solutions provider/specialist distributor of branded building products.

With a strong portfolio of own and partner brands, which outperform the market. Annual sales in 2014 were £209 million. Employing close to 1,000 employees across 16 US locations, 10 European facilities and 2 operations in China.

  • To improve Arran Isle corporate website with an easy to use CMS to allow for comprehensive in-house content updates and changes.

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When reviewing the existing website and CMS is was apparent the application was using depreciated PHP with legacy code and limited CMS features.

Extending the existing legacy system would not be viable. We needed to review a rebuild on a new CMS retaining the existing look and feel and to ensure current SEO ranking and links were not affected. Once developed migrate the domain to our business class hosting with zero downtime.

Improved performance

Rather than extending the legacy system, our recommendation was to rebuild the website to match the existing look and feel on the latest Wordpress platform. This was the best, cost effective, approach along with an end goal of a new platform benefiting from improved website speed, SEO optimisation and vastly improved CMS usability.  Our in-house developers built the new site and populated all the pages with minimal input required by the client. After a QA process by our in-house testing team, on client approval we managed the migration of the corporate domain to our hosting platform with zero down time.  

Reliable hosting

The migration to our hosting environment not only improved speed and reduced costs, but also allows us to provide faster support and development with code versioning and advanced deployment. Our hosting provides 4x per day off-site continuous backups and with extensive server monitoring and logging we are able to better support the client and their website going forward.