Everything we create is inspired by a beautifully simple idea:

All our work has to deliver a great experience for users and delight our clients, exceeding their expectations.
In short, it has to be excellent which takes expertise, dedication and enthusiasm.

Creativity, hard work and commitment is in our DNA. We are driven to shape the ever-changing digital world around us. From our work environment to the work we produce, we focus on doing better than we did the day before.

Xigen - The Goal


Excellence from start to finish

One of the things we appreciate most about clients is their loyalty. They come back to us time after time because, they tell us, they can trust us to deliver to the highest possible standard and that love working with us.

What agency could ask for more?

Xigen - Quality


Always focused on quality

An agency is only ever as good as the work it does and the results it helps its clients achieve. Our clients know this.

We match rapid turnaround to consistently outstanding quality. Our pricing is always 100% transparent. When you become an Xigen client, your dedicated Project Manager is there for you as much as you need them to be.

James Pruden

James Pruden, Studio Director and co-owner

“I have 15 years’ experience crafting marketing campaigns and all kinds of websites. I’ve been at Xigen for 13 years.

I’ve always been proud to be a geek. To me, it means loving what I do and being driven to keep up to speed with what it takes to deliver a great user experience and optimise conversion rates.

This means combining a good eye for design with the kind of attention to detail you need in the digital world.

When I’m not geeking, I cycle, run marathons, skydive, climb and ride my motorbike. Just call me ActionGeek.”

Mark Fitzsimmons

Mark Fitzsimmons, Managing Director and co-owner

“I started Xigen in 2002. I too am proud to have been a geek way before it became cool. There’s nothing wrong with being fastidiously detailed.

I have 25 years’ experience in graphic design and building e-commerce sites and I especially love the challenge of fusing multiple platforms together to optimise revenue for our clients.

When I’m not obsessing over detail, I go flying, experiment with drone videography, mountain bike and play guitar. I like to eat cheese. Call me CheeseGeek.”

Xigen - The Team


The resources, experience and skills you need

Our 40-strong team includes project managers, designers, developers, testers, UX strategists, producers, SEO specialists and CRO experts. We’re hardworking, focused, proud to be part of a mutually supportive and fun-loving team.

Our clients

Just some of the great brands we've worked with.

Xigen - The Goal


Join the team

We're always on the lookout for great digital talent. If you'd like to be part of the Xigen family and think you've got what it takes to delight our clients and engage their users, head over to http://xigen.ninja to get in touch.